ces 2014 las vegas

CES 2014: The Best Moments

The book is finally closed for the 2014 CES trade show which ended on January 10, 2014 in Las Vegas Nevada.  Housing more than 32,000 exhibitors, 150,000 participants including 35,000 from outside the U.S., the trade expo proves to be a huge success.
The expo featured some of the most awesome products to look forward to [...]

home projectors

The Pros of Playing Video Games on a Projector Screen

The question of whether or not you can play video games on a projector screen depends on another question:  “why should you play video games on a projector screen?” There are certain reasons why this kind of visual aid is so much better than the standard television set or alternative computer monitor. Contrary to popular [...]

Best Christmas Movies to Watch This Season

Christmas is one of the ‘most wonderful times of the year’. It’s one of the best times to bond with your family and enjoy great food, chitchats and great movies to watch over a cup of warm eggnog and Christmas movies on a home theatre system.
And if your idea of bonding with the family is [...]

Choosing a big screen for your home theater system

Given a hefty budget, you would probably be spending on the best materials and appliances in the market to make your dream house a reality. Same can be said with planning out a home theatre system for your entertainment room.
But first, let’s go down to the basics. Here’s what every home theater needs: A universal [...]

T’is the season to go shopping: One of a kind Christmas show 2013

Forget Christmas movie marathons on your home theater this coming holiday season. Put down the universal remote control and head out over to downtown Toronto on November 28 for one of the most anticipated Christmas events in the city.
The One of a Kind Christmas Show, which will be held in the Direct Energy Centre this [...]

Stress Free Holiday Party Planning on a Budget

Being the “hostess with the mostess” this holiday can surely earn you brownie points from your neighbors, friends and family. But the stress of planning out the menu, buying the supplies and ingredients and cleaning up after, can a take a toll on your sanity and your budget.
But don’t fret. Here are a couple of [...]

Popcorn night: The top 10 horror films of all time

If your idea of a perfect Halloween night is making some popcorn and having a horror movie marathon, then check out this list of top 10 horror movies of all time. But be warned:  if you’re planning on watching it on your home theatre system with surround sound, never attempt to watch them alone.
10. Jaws [...]

projectors for home theater

Projectors: A cheaper alternative to a big flat screen TV

A home theater system is never complete without a big flat screen TV.  But with the costs that come with large flat screen TV’s, many wonder how they can complete their dream home theater system without putting a huge dent on their wallets.
But there’s another option:  home theater projectors.  They’re cheaper, lighter and are not [...]

HDTV input lag

Input Lag: Does it matter?

What is input lag?  It is when there is a delay in before the image hits the screen and are perceived by the viewers.  Input lag may happen for a few milliseconds and are almost inaudible, to a few seconds delay, which can be a bit bothersome if the audio is out of sync with [...]

Turning Your Basement into a Home Theater Room

Converting a home basement into a home theater entertainment space has been a popular American pursuit. In practicality, what better way to use an under-utilized space?
Here are some things to consider before turning your basement into a home theater room:
Water and Electronics Don’t Mix
Some home basements have been ignored or neglected, leaving them damp, musty, [...]